SnowBall DanceSport Competition went very well this year! Shane Haggerty Dance competitors took home 1st place in 17 events and 3rd place in the Bronze Smooth Scholarship. Most notable was the 3rd place in the Bronze Scholarship danced by Isabella Christensen.

Isabella had only been dancing Smooth for 3 months and was going into competition against other competitors that had been dancing Smooth for years. Shane has a proven method of teaching dance that helped Isabella learn quickly and correctly the first time.

Shane’s strong dedication and commitment to Isabella’s dancing also aided in the success. Shane makes himself available free of charge on days of competition to rehearse as much as the student wants and or requires in order to be ready to dance on the day of the competition, not common in the dance industry! Shane recalls Isabella growing tremendously before his eyes in those few hours before competition! Shane teaches dedication and approaching dancing with a lionheart. Lionheartedness is being courageous and dancing with determination and passion and never giving up. Be like a Dancing Lion, find your roar and always believe in yourself! Placements in competitions are nice, but having fun dancing and learning to live with passion and determination is priceless! Contact Shane to get started dancing today!

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