An introductory lesson is 30 minutes long. The cost is $15.  This will get you introduced to your instructor and introduced to a few dances to see what dances you would like to learn. The instructor will also take time to get know a little bit about you to help you identify what your dancing goals might be if you don’t already know. Dancing has many health and social benefits that can make great goals. Once goals are identified we will let the student know how many lessons it will take to achieve those goals.


New Student lessons apply to your first 10 lessons. Lessons are 45 minutes long and $50 each. The first ten lessons are lower rates to give students an incentive to take at least 10 lessons. Students are always the happiest with their dancing when they are taking more lessons and do it more frequently. Dancing is a skill and like any skill it will requires time and repetition. We recommend at least one or two lessons a week, students will spend less time trying to remember forgotten material and more time advancing if they do this.


Adult Student lessons are 45 minutes long and are $80 each

Youth Student lessons are 45 minutes long and are $70 each (Must provide student ID)

PACKAGE DISCOUNTS (must pay in full upfront to receive discount, does not apply to new student pricing)

10 lessons = 5% off

20 lessons =10% off

40 lessons = 15% off